50 Mbps is now the minimum internet speed in Canada

In many countries broadband access is not that easy, and even if such links are available, it’s relatively slow. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has enacted new legislation in which the slowest link will be 50 Mbps.

Access to the internet some time ago has been recognized as one of the basic human rights. And no wonder, because for many people this is the only window to the world, providing access to information, education and entertainment. Unfortunately, not all broadband links are readily available and in many countries, computer users have to settle for free access, which in addition has a lot of limitations.

In Canada, however, the situation is quite different. In 2015 82% Citizens of this country had access to the links for data download at 50 Mbps. Soon there will be a lot more of them, because the government has officially approved the new law, according to which broadband access is vital for all residents of this country.

This means that every Canadian will be guaranteed access to links that allow data rates of at least 50 Mbps and send them at 10 Mbps. These links will obviously not have any limits on how much data you download.

To accomplish this, a budget of 750 million Canadian dollars is guaranteed and will be used to create the infrastructure that will meet the criteria set within the next five years.

Tablet like a newspaper, or incomprehensible fascination with “lip” solutions?

“Revolutionary invention! Revolution on tablets! Paper tablet!”These headlines appear on technology portals of both native and foreign portals, as well as news articles describing Intel’s invention, the PaperTab. How come this delight?

Firstly I will describe the invention. American researchers with Plastic Logic and Intel have developed a “tablet” (much too much) based on the E Ink screen, which displays only shades of gray. The biggest drawback, but the advantage is that it is flexible and allows you to interact with the user not only by clicking / pressing but also bending, folding and only the programmers are able to imagine.

As you can see this great tablet is a normal display, it must be connected to the computer (cable cords straight under the desk to the PC). Here comes also an amazing optimization of software code, since the need for the Intel i5 processor to write an email. The device in the near future, at least as I can imagine, has no chance of being present in any form.

Think of what a flexible dream device must look like? Imagine a digital newspaper we roll into a roll and put in a bag / briefcase / pocket. In that case, we need flexible components – not just the screen, but the processor or the battery. So did everyone really believe that since we have a flexible display, all of the sudden suddenly, as with the touch of magic wand will become flexible?

I think not. Why in this case is this fascination? And here we have to circle the small circle. The invention was presented at the largest live electronics trade fair in Las Vegas. It is recognized that these fairs are trending for the coming year: all major manufacturers are boasting devices that will conquer our hearts and pockets in 2013. And what?

Just nothing! Complete boredom at the fair! The industry that should be bustling with novelties, innovations and revolutions stagnated. This is, of course, only my opinion and no one has to agree with it, but can increasing the size of smartphones and resolutions on televisions be called any revolution? How do changes that do not affect usability (sometimes even reduce it), and only increase the final price of the device to convince users?

And that is what I think is the answer, from which the unknown fascination with the medium of inventions and weak solutions. This is due to the news of the famine, the industry has accustomed us to some great “WOW” at least every six months and here NIC! And everyone waits with a longing for maybe that solution, this device will turn out to be a hit and a breath of freshness.

Apple removes spyware from the App Store

The App Store is increasingly becoming a place to find malicious applications that can infect devices, phish money, and steal data. Apple is trying to remove as much as possible and has just thrown out of its digital store 256 applications that could spy on users.

The fact of cleaning the App Store from dangerous applications has been reported by SourceDNA analysts who have explained that 256 of the deleted programs used the SDK for Youmi’s Chinese advertising platform. These are tools integrated with iOS and Android applications that allow stores to collect information about their users. In this case, they downloaded, the device serial number, the list of applications installed on it, and the email address associated with the Apple ID.

These programs have been downloaded more than one million times, including the official McDonald’s official China app and several other equally popular applications.

We got to know the price of OnePlus x

This coming Thursday will be the premiere of OnePlus X, the latest smartphone from OnePlus. Specification of the new product we have known for a few days, but now, thanks to further leaks we also met its price. It will amount to slightly more than a thousand dollars, which is slightly more than previously predicted.

OnePlus is preparing to launch its latest OnePlus X product. Its premiere is scheduled for October 29, but already for several days, thanks to the various sources we know its technical specifications.

The information on the network shows that the device has a 5-inch Full HD screen, 2.5D glass cover and metal frame. The inside of the smartphone will be overclocked Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM, as well as 14 Mpix camera rear and 5 Mpix in front. Oxygen OS running on Android 5.1.1 will provide smartphone functionality.

With the recent OnePlus X ad, the product will cost 1699 yuan, which translates into about $ 250 dollars. That’s a bit more than originally assumed, as it was previously suggested to be around $ 200. Unfortunately, it’s quite a big price, because for comparison a bit more powerful OnePlus 2 16 GB version costs around $ 400. So many customers can choose to make a small contribution, thanks to a more powerful processor and a larger screen.

See the world’s fastest truck

Volvo Trucks’ “The Iron Knight” is the fastest truck in the world, as demonstrated by the world speed records of 500 and 1000 meters.

The “Iron Knight” is the result of the collaboration of specialists from several different Volvo Truck departments, who have faced the task of designing a truck from scratch. The only existing components were the modified Volvo D13 engine and the standard Volvo FH I-Shift Dual Clutch.

Speed ​​record

Attempts were made at the former Skelleftea Drive Center in northern Sweden, under the supervision of the International Motor Federation, FIA. The vehicle has overcome the required distance in both directions. Then the average time and speed from both passes was calculated. The average speed of both passes is considered the official FIA speed record.

Achieving an average speed of 169 km / h and a time of 21.29 seconds, “The Iron Knight” beat the world record speed of 1000 meters from the start of the stop. At the same time broke the record also on the section of 500 m, with 131.29 km / h and 13.71 seconds, respectively.

Boije Ovebrink, a driver with more than 30 years of experience in both passenger and truck racing, has beaten five speed records, and in 1994 became the European champion in FIA racers.

With a power of 2400 HP and a torque of 6000 Nm, with a weight of 4.5 t, the Iron Knight delivers power to weight ratio greater than 0.5 HP / kg.

– Centrally mounted, highly modified D13 engine, equipped with a liquid air-cooled supercharger and four turbochargers.

– When changing gear ratios, I-Shift Dual Clutch gear does not interrupt torque transfer. The “Iron Knight” uses the same gearbox as the Volvo FH. Only clutch (clutch and clutch discs made of sintered material) were strengthened.

Porsche Design BOOK ONE

The Porsche Design brand is certainly well known to many of us. Design office often helps to design consumer electronics, creating special, limited versions of various devices. This time, however, the company showed its own equipment called Porsche Design BOOK ONE.

This is a hybrid device that connects your laptop and tablet. As a Porsche designer product, the device looks very modern and stylish. Its technical specifications also can not be blamed a lot.

The BOOK ONE features a 13.3 “QHD + screen resolution (3200 x 1800 pixels) and its heart is the seventh generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor clocked at 3.5 GHz. The device also has 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD, as well as a whole range of ports, including two USB-C, two USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Type-C / Thunderbolt 3.

The BOOK ONE also features a 5 megapixel front camera that is used for user authentication and facial recognition in Windows Hello. Of course, the operating system is Windows 10, equipped with Cortana.

New technology will speed up 3D printing

3D printers are devices whose functionality can not be denied. They produce everything from toys to medical implants to meals. The problem is that they do it very slowly, however, thanks to the new technology developed by Carbon3D, these devices will soon be very fast.

Devices called 3D printers, they can produce almost anything, from small items, through the car body, to the home finish. But they have a major disadvantage, and it is quite a long time to create a product that can be up to several hours.

Joseph DeSimone, co-founder of Carbon3D and professor of chemistry at the University of North Carolina, however, says he has developed a new print method that speeds up the process. In his opinion, printing will be faster than 25 to 100 times. The method instead of superimposing the individual layers assumes that the entire object is formed immediately, and then uses oxygen and light to harden the material.

White graphene will improve the cooling of gadgets

Grafen is undoubtedly the greatest invention of recent years, which enables to build faster processors, more efficient photovoltaic panels as well as longer working batteries. Another application of this material will be the much more efficient cooling systems of different devices.

Graf is a great conductor of heat, but has some limitations. Heat energy easily spreads over the surface of the graphene, but is unable to penetrate the material consisting of many layers. Rice University researchers have, however, developed a method to circumvent the restriction.

According to the researchers, the creation of a three-dimensional structure of white graphite in the form of boron nitrate nanotubes will allow the heat to dissipate in all directions.

The discovery of scientists is extremely important for the consumer electronics market, as it will allow for smaller and more efficient cooling of the components in the future, significantly more effective in protecting them from overheating. This way, you will be able to build even more powerful mobile devices without worrying that their casing stages come from excessive heat generation.

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The world’s largest muffler will even mute the shot from the tank

At the time, the makers of the Myths of the Misfits program, at the time, proved that the muffler suppressed the shot but did not mute the shot just like Hollywood movies, but it really worked. Does this mean that the silencer on the barrel of the tank will also work?

What you see, in pictures, is not a joke prepared by intelligent Internet users, but a real silencer installed on 155 mm M109G self-propelled artillery.

You may ask why the muffler for artillery, which still sends missiles at a distance of many kilometers. It turns out, however, that the military made attempts to build a silencer that could be put on the barrel of a tank some years ago. At one time, the German company Rheinmetall GmbH was conducting tests of such equipment, which was confirmed by the above-mentioned project of the silencer for the Leopard 2 cannon. Apparently not only reduces the noise of the shot, but also improves ballistics and safety.

It is hard to imagine a tank on a battlefield using a large tank attached to a barrel.