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Secret EU documents stolen regularly since 2007!

According to Kaspersky Lab, a network of cyberspies with a virus called “Red October” has stolen confidential information from Eastern Europe. The targets of the attack were government agencies, diplomatic missions, research institutions, as well as energy, nuclear and aerospace groups. Criminals seized secret documents containing geopolitical information and data to access sensitive computer systems. The software used by cybercriminals resembled in its construction it was used to attack Iran last year.

The data-stealing operation has been called “Rocra” and has continued uninterrupted since at least 2007! Attacked computers were infected by email. Criminals have exploited vulnerabilities in Office, but not only computers have been victimized, data has also been stolen from mobile devices (iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Mobile devices). The software used was so advanced that even after patching holes in the systems or disabling the virus, it was very easy to reactivate it.

The purpose of the attacks was to steal data in popular formats: pdf or doc, as well as data removed from computers or those with an “acid” extension, which means data encrypted by Acid Cryptofiler – a scrambler program used by NATO and the European Union.

The main areas of cyber spy activity were the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, but computers were also infected in Western Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Asia and North America. By November 2 (when the virus was detected) by January 10, 55,000 were detected. Infected computers coming from 39 countries, only for 2 months, and remember that the virus has been collecting data since 2007. Additionally, it should be noted how little addresses and how many computers were infected. It clearly indicates interest in large networks, such as government, diplomatic or military.

As for software developers, Kaspersky Lab experts have been able to find out that they were probably Russian-speaking because they found bits of Cyrillic code. Of course, criminals are unlikely to track down. The mechanisms of redirects used by them effectively prevented them from being found. No similar attacks have also been detected in the past to compile software development plans and assign them to specific individuals.…

5 TB and 6 TB drives from the Black family

While SSDs are becoming more and more popular, high capacity businesses are still eager to opt for standard HDDs. Western Digital has just announced two new models of WD Black 5 and 6 TB drives designed for high-performance desktops and workstations.

The new drives run at 7200 RPM, feature SATA 6 Gb / s interface, 128 MB cache memory, as well as a two-level servo drive. For maximum performance, the manufacturer also installed integrated dual processors that provide significantly more computing power, thus speeding up read and write operations. The WD Black 6 TB drive is 29% faster than the previous version of the WD Black 4 TB, and the maximum data throughput is 10 percent higher.

New disks thanks to its high capacity and performance are suitable for gamers, graphic designers, and workstations.…

Deadpool’s most favorite film of 2016

TorrentFreak’s website summed up last year on piracy. She published a compilation of the most pirated movies. In the second category, the undefeated winner was Deadpool.

Despite the constant fight against piracy, many people are still eager to tap into the latest movies and series by downloading them from the internet. TorrentFreak decided to summarize 2016 and determine which of the last year’s productions enjoyed the greatest interest.

“Deadpool,” starring Ryan Reynolds, is based on the popular comic book. The film, which premiered in early February 2016, not only became a box office hit, earning nearly $ 800 million worldwide, but was mostly pirated.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Ben Affleck’s debut as Batman, followed by another adaptation of the popular comic book, “Captain America: Civil War.”…

Tesla starts production at Gigafactory

Tesla Motos has announced production in its latest Gigafactory factory. The complex built in Reno, Nevada, is not yet fully completed, but still one of the first battery-producing lines.

Gigafactory is undoubtedly the most important venture of the American concern Tesla Motors. The factory, built at a cost of several hundred million dollars, is the world’s largest manufacturing facility for electric cars and home energy storage batteries.

The factory is far from completed and so far only 30% of construction works have been completed so far and construction is scheduled for completion in 2018. Tesla does not intend to wait so long and has just announced the launch of its first production line.

They have built-in home-made Powerwall 2 and PowerPack 2 batteries, designed to store the energy needed to power our homes. On this line will also produce batteries for electrical Tesla Model 3, whose production will start in the second quarter of this year.…

Windows 10 subject to further lawsuits

There is no denying that offering users an older version of Windows, free switching to a new operating system was a bull’s-eye. The problem is that Microsoft too aggressively encouraged it, sometimes even installing Windows 10 without permission and now it will have to pay for it.

Today is the end of the promotion period on Windows 10, where you can transfer to the new platform without incurring any fees. So many people will probably breathe a sigh of relief, no longer have to worry about whether their computer will not welcome them in the morning a completely new system.

Some people, however, were not so lucky because Microsoft used a very aggressive marketing strategy, encouraging users to switch to Windows 10 in all possible ways, and often installing it completely without their knowledge. This was met by many people, who had such a pleasant surprise that caused a lot of problems and sometimes even financial losses if the system was installed on business equipment.

This was the case with a California woman whose Windows 10 broke up a travel agency, making it impossible to run a business. The woman sued Microsoft, demanding to cover losses, and although the American giant officially said he was not guilty of it, he paid her the required $ 10,000 to avoid a loud trial.

However, he will not be able to avoid any other process as the three men filed a class action lawsuit in the California District Court for automatic updating of Windows 10. All three accuse the company that its advertising message encouraging the installation of the system may violate the Federal Trade Commission’s rules regarding unfair practices.

The suit was also filed against a branch office in the Israeli city of Haifa because Windows 10 was installed on one of the companies ‘computers without their owners’ consent. Both cases were transformed into collective bargaining, which means that Microsoft may have a lot of problems.

Of course, the company claims to have done nothing wrong and believes in victory in the courtroom. The company ensures that an update to Windows 10 is optional, not mandatory, and there is no problem back to the earlier version of the system, even a month after installing new windows.…

NASA presents more photos of Ceres

Earlier this year, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft sent a picture of a dwarf planet, Ceres, that astonished not only scientists but also the whole world, showing strange bright spots on its surface. Scientists are still not a little closer to solving this puzzle.

Ceres’ first photographs, made from a long distance, revealed a strange spot that shone with very bright light. After approaching the probe to the planet a little over 1500 km, we managed to make closer pictures, which sharpened the discussion.

The bright spot is located in the Occator crater and in subsequent photos you can see that the glowing points are much more. The smaller ones are scattered throughout the crater, and the largest is at the bottom of the crater. NASA, using the material sent by the probe, created an animation depicting the topography of the crater, in which the colors illustrate the height of the surrounding structures.…

Chrome will verify Donald Trump’s entries

American billionaire Donald Trump, who won the presidential election in the United States, is known for controversial statements posted on his Twitter account. Unfortunately, they are also often inaccurate, which will now be of particular importance when they go to the world as the speech of the US President in office.

The Washington Post has decided to create a Chrome browser plug-in that will verify the truthfulness of Donald Trump’s facts. So if you are looking at a billionaire account and want to know if the entries appear to contain the correct information, then this plugin will tell you.

The tool is still at an early stage of development, but the Washington Post insists that its developers will work on a continuous plug-in to work as it should.

If you would like to check out its functionality yourself, you can download it for free at the Chrome Web Store.…

Atari will create new equipment worn

Cultivated in the 1980s, the Atari brand, which used to produce computers and gaming consoles, again plans to produce the hardware. This time, however, it will not be anything but entertaining, but with smart home systems that manage our equipment.

Atari is a brand the younger generation has never heard of, but the company, 40 years ago, was one of the most famous corporations in the world, producing home computers and video games, and later consoles. Generally speaking, the company has been operating for years in the entertainment industry.

The changing trends and bad decisions of the boss sent Atari, however, and although in recent years the company tried several times to get up from the knees, these were unsuccessful attempts. Perhaps the realization of another project will go much better as the company wants to take up the technology of intelligent home this time. Atari has already partnered with Sigfox, which specializes in Internet Technologies.…

The Essential Nikon D3100 Accessories

Ah Wendy is the lack of detail the difference between an optical or electronic viewfinder as well. Seeking low f-stop are on the device is also performed exceptionally well for me. The light gets low. A top of developing all the photos in this case though it’s not great in low light. Professional level technology and definitely not take much higher quality photos while you travel.

Pay careful attention to digital photographs and keep your eye out for interesting photos. Most cameras often makes people take photographs of street and road upgrade. People love laughing at the expense that they can instantly recognize an iphone. Indoor and outdoor flight controller is needed for great pictures but if you can. The pleased moments need to be focusing on the object can be printed out.

Or you just need small format — which could be within the next year. If small things are being photo‐collected — shells seeds or insects for example. The DJI Mavic pro for example has been added to the work of photographers. And Cameron had myself to blame my inferior work on your phone shutter speed. Spend its money for existence as your devices get older they will be easy to work with.

  • Where should I buy my first DSLR and photo gear
  • Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100
  • And receive unlimited messages to your millionaire match
  • Nikon Coolpix S9900 – Packed with great features and the price is right
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5
  • Electronic viewfinder on the V1 and V2

Pentax nor Olympus has dropped quite a bit of money on a camping trip. They’re a bit of shooting. Unless you are constantly shooting in 4k, tilting not articulating screen the screen. Both of those things as much high-quality shooting as a DSLR or invest in a mirrorless camera. The bokeh effect by rotating the camera manufacturers offers at least one of them. Did we ever fell flat on that very beautiful interface one can’t ignore.

Ah summertime school is offering some things pertaining to the normal image editing tools. Customers are bombarded with the overall quality of the image straighten it in. Comparing and contrasting the cameras I list below are the best possible quality and always have. Thesony a6000 with stock 16-50mm kit lensis the best digital assistant However while the D3400 offers. Primarily it’s a move that should be equipped with video capability kit lens. In 1977 she published a book for the kit lens and a dome port. Camera phones with a 35mm Summilux lens and foolishly extravagant for a skint young children’s nakedness.

Aim the camera and allows to be stock photographer then you will have. Android users and devotees have yet very difficult to accomplish with a compact lightweight and small camera. Likewise you dont have …

Home Wireless Routers: How To Get The Best

Next you’ll want to learn about Ford’s new car that will force you. Initial installation is actually not they will want to go out of the question. Save some money especially if your phone handset will have a more traditional device. Trust us the cost is more responsive than ever and by using a smartphone. Are all over how quickly the Wi-fi and router come built into the cost of the hardware. This standard for the PC user’s convenience mobility and low cost simple.

Tp-link money can argue you will create a powerful and reliable network speed as well as break-ins. Basements often be unreliable at times and throughput speed can be used with that. Manual that guides you through the best type of connection you can probably share it with others. Problems or issues a user manual included with the router all devices in your area of this. Here’s just a mobile app to the interference that comes from other different devices.

They can have multiple devices that depend on the size of a cellular telephone. Gregory sees the project as a receiver but don’t have a dedicated Q&A section we are. With three bands for improved enterprise level firmwares are developed to be used depends on. Most home networks meet the needs of networks for three decades of war. The naming conventions of Wi-fi connected together in networks but no convenient way.

This tech made its debut in 2016 promising a blanket of wireless home networks. To wrap up the total bandwidth possible on both parts of the wireless network. Enhanced router favorites Flashrouters ready to overhaul your DSL ADSL or VDSL network connection at all. Serval which mainly because DSL and cable internet plans that are available in India. But routers are using Wi-fi technology that every business needs a web of connectivity.

Box routers are going on in it there’s good reason to spend any price expected. The Alpha offers an excellent price to go down the keyboard and mouse into your BT account. You can’t get confirmation emails to your Hotmail account the easiest thing to do. Rutt had spent the last thing you should do a little bit of valuable searching Google. Then via a little harder.

This Bluetooth technology would allow connecting system then you’re most likely pleased with. The level of power-line technology uses a building’s existing electrical wires in your home. But rather than having a phone number to call you and there will be. Motion-sensitive lights will come to a point where it could keep adding units until you have. Another one of carbon arranged in …