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Deadpool’s most favorite film of 2016

TorrentFreak’s website summed up last year on piracy. She published a compilation of the most pirated movies. In the second category, the undefeated winner was Deadpool.

Despite the constant fight against piracy, many people are still eager to tap into the latest movies and series by downloading them from the internet. TorrentFreak decided to summarize 2016 and determine which of the last year’s productions enjoyed the greatest interest.

“Deadpool,” starring Ryan Reynolds, is based on the popular comic book. The film, which premiered in early February 2016, not only became a box office hit, earning nearly $ 800 million worldwide, but was mostly pirated.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Ben Affleck’s debut as Batman, followed by another adaptation of the popular comic book, “Captain America: Civil War.”