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5 TB and 6 TB drives from the Black family

While SSDs are becoming more and more popular, high capacity businesses are still eager to opt for standard HDDs. Western Digital has just announced two new models of WD Black 5 and 6 TB drives designed for high-performance desktops and workstations.

The new drives run at 7200 RPM, feature SATA 6 Gb / s interface, 128 MB cache memory, as well as a two-level servo drive. For maximum performance, the manufacturer also installed integrated dual processors that provide significantly more computing power, thus speeding up read and write operations. The WD Black 6 TB drive is 29% faster than the previous version of the WD Black 4 TB, and the maximum data throughput is 10 percent higher.

New disks thanks to its high capacity and performance are suitable for gamers, graphic designers, and workstations.