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Windows 10 subject to further lawsuits

There is no denying that offering users an older version of Windows, free switching to a new operating system was a bull’s-eye. The problem is that Microsoft too aggressively encouraged it, sometimes even installing Windows 10 without permission and now it will have to pay for it.

Today is the end of the promotion period on Windows 10, where you can transfer to the new platform without incurring any fees. So many people will probably breathe a sigh of relief, no longer have to worry about whether their computer will not welcome them in the morning a completely new system.

Some people, however, were not so lucky because Microsoft used a very aggressive marketing strategy, encouraging users to switch to Windows 10 in all possible ways, and often installing it completely without their knowledge. This was met by many people, who had such a pleasant surprise that caused a lot of problems and sometimes even financial losses if the system was installed on business equipment.

This was the case with a California woman whose Windows 10 broke up a travel agency, making it impossible to run a business. The woman sued Microsoft, demanding to cover losses, and although the American giant officially said he was not guilty of it, he paid her the required $ 10,000 to avoid a loud trial.

However, he will not be able to avoid any other process as the three men filed a class action lawsuit in the California District Court for automatic updating of Windows 10. All three accuse the company that its advertising message encouraging the installation of the system may violate the Federal Trade Commission’s rules regarding unfair practices.

The suit was also filed against a branch office in the Israeli city of Haifa because Windows 10 was installed on one of the companies ‘computers without their owners’ consent. Both cases were transformed into collective bargaining, which means that Microsoft may have a lot of problems.

Of course, the company claims to have done nothing wrong and believes in victory in the courtroom. The company ensures that an update to Windows 10 is optional, not mandatory, and there is no problem back to the earlier version of the system, even a month after installing new windows.