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NASA presents more photos of Ceres

Earlier this year, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft sent a picture of a dwarf planet, Ceres, that astonished not only scientists but also the whole world, showing strange bright spots on its surface. Scientists are still not a little closer to solving this puzzle.

Ceres’ first photographs, made from a long distance, revealed a strange spot that shone with very bright light. After approaching the probe to the planet a little over 1500 km, we managed to make closer pictures, which sharpened the discussion.

The bright spot is located in the Occator crater and in subsequent photos you can see that the glowing points are much more. The smaller ones are scattered throughout the crater, and the largest is at the bottom of the crater. NASA, using the material sent by the probe, created an animation depicting the topography of the crater, in which the colors illustrate the height of the surrounding structures.