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50 Mbps is now the minimum internet speed in Canada

In many countries broadband access is not that easy, and even if such links are available, it’s relatively slow. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has enacted new legislation in which the slowest link will be 50 Mbps.

Access to the internet some time ago has been recognized as one of the basic human rights. And no wonder, because for many people this is the only window to the world, providing access to information, education and entertainment. Unfortunately, not all broadband links are readily available and in many countries, computer users have to settle for free access, which in addition has a lot of limitations.

In Canada, however, the situation is quite different. In 2015 82% Citizens of this country had access to the links for data download at 50 Mbps. Soon there will be a lot more of them, because the government has officially approved the new law, according to which broadband access is vital for all residents of this country.

This means that every Canadian will be guaranteed access to links that allow data rates of at least 50 Mbps and send them at 10 Mbps. These links will obviously not have any limits on how much data you download.

To accomplish this, a budget of 750 million Canadian dollars is guaranteed and will be used to create the infrastructure that will meet the criteria set within the next five years.