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White graphene will improve the cooling of gadgets

Grafen is undoubtedly the greatest invention of recent years, which enables to build faster processors, more efficient photovoltaic panels as well as longer working batteries. Another application of this material will be the much more efficient cooling systems of different devices.

Graf is a great conductor of heat, but has some limitations. Heat energy easily spreads over the surface of the graphene, but is unable to penetrate the material consisting of many layers. Rice University researchers have, however, developed a method to circumvent the restriction.

According to the researchers, the creation of a three-dimensional structure of white graphite in the form of boron nitrate nanotubes will allow the heat to dissipate in all directions.

The discovery of scientists is extremely important for the consumer electronics market, as it will allow for smaller and more efficient cooling of the components in the future, significantly more effective in protecting them from overheating. This way, you will be able to build even more powerful mobile devices without worrying that their casing stages come from excessive heat generation.