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The world’s largest muffler will even mute the shot from the tank

At the time, the makers of the Myths of the Misfits program, at the time, proved that the muffler suppressed the shot but did not mute the shot just like Hollywood movies, but it really worked. Does this mean that the silencer on the barrel of the tank will also work?

What you see, in pictures, is not a joke prepared by intelligent Internet users, but a real silencer installed on 155 mm M109G self-propelled artillery.

You may ask why the muffler for artillery, which still sends missiles at a distance of many kilometers. It turns out, however, that the military made attempts to build a silencer that could be put on the barrel of a tank some years ago. At one time, the German company Rheinmetall GmbH was conducting tests of such equipment, which was confirmed by the above-mentioned project of the silencer for the Leopard 2 cannon. Apparently not only reduces the noise of the shot, but also improves ballistics and safety.

It is hard to imagine a tank on a battlefield using a large tank attached to a barrel.