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Tablet like a newspaper, or incomprehensible fascination with “lip” solutions?

“Revolutionary invention! Revolution on tablets! Paper tablet!”These headlines appear on technology portals of both native and foreign portals, as well as news articles describing Intel’s invention, the PaperTab. How come this delight?

Firstly I will describe the invention. American researchers with Plastic Logic and Intel have developed a “tablet” (much too much) based on the E Ink screen, which displays only shades of gray. The biggest drawback, but the advantage is that it is flexible and allows you to interact with the user not only by clicking / pressing but also bending, folding and only the programmers are able to imagine.

As you can see this great tablet is a normal display, it must be connected to the computer (cable cords straight under the desk to the PC). Here comes also an amazing optimization of software code, since the need for the Intel i5 processor to write an email. The device in the near future, at least as I can imagine, has no chance of being present in any form.

Think of what a flexible dream device must look like? Imagine a digital newspaper we roll into a roll and put in a bag / briefcase / pocket. In that case, we need flexible components – not just the screen, but the processor or the battery. So did everyone really believe that since we have a flexible display, all of the sudden suddenly, as with the touch of magic wand will become flexible?

I think not. Why in this case is this fascination? And here we have to circle the small circle. The invention was presented at the largest live electronics trade fair in Las Vegas. It is recognized that these fairs are trending for the coming year: all major manufacturers are boasting devices that will conquer our hearts and pockets in 2013. And what?

Just nothing! Complete boredom at the fair! The industry that should be bustling with novelties, innovations and revolutions stagnated. This is, of course, only my opinion and no one has to agree with it, but can increasing the size of smartphones and resolutions on televisions be called any revolution? How do changes that do not affect usability (sometimes even reduce it), and only increase the final price of the device to convince users?

And that is what I think is the answer, from which the unknown fascination with the medium of inventions and weak solutions. This is due to the news of the famine, the industry has accustomed us to some great “WOW” at least every six months and here NIC! And everyone waits with a longing for maybe that solution, this device will turn out to be a hit and a breath of freshness.