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Tesla starts production at Gigafactory

Tesla Motos has announced production in its latest Gigafactory factory. The complex built in Reno, Nevada, is not yet fully completed, but still one of the first battery-producing lines.

Gigafactory is undoubtedly the most important venture of the American concern Tesla Motors. The factory, built at a cost of several hundred million dollars, is the world’s largest manufacturing facility for electric cars and home energy storage batteries.

The factory is far from completed and so far only 30% of construction works have been completed so far and construction is scheduled for completion in 2018. Tesla does not intend to wait so long and has just announced the launch of its first production line.

They have built-in home-made Powerwall 2 and PowerPack 2 batteries, designed to store the energy needed to power our homes. On this line will also produce batteries for electrical Tesla Model 3, whose production will start in the second quarter of this year.