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Atari will create new equipment worn

Cultivated in the 1980s, the Atari brand, which used to produce computers and gaming consoles, again plans to produce the hardware. This time, however, it will not be anything but entertaining, but with smart home systems that manage our equipment.

Atari is a brand the younger generation has never heard of, but the company, 40 years ago, was one of the most famous corporations in the world, producing home computers and video games, and later consoles. Generally speaking, the company has been operating for years in the entertainment industry.

The changing trends and bad decisions of the boss sent Atari, however, and although in recent years the company tried several times to get up from the knees, these were unsuccessful attempts. Perhaps the realization of another project will go much better as the company wants to take up the technology of intelligent home this time. Atari has already partnered with Sigfox, which specializes in Internet Technologies.