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See the world’s fastest truck

Volvo Trucks’ “The Iron Knight” is the fastest truck in the world, as demonstrated by the world speed records of 500 and 1000 meters.

The “Iron Knight” is the result of the collaboration of specialists from several different Volvo Truck departments, who have faced the task of designing a truck from scratch. The only existing components were the modified Volvo D13 engine and the standard Volvo FH I-Shift Dual Clutch.

Speed ​​record

Attempts were made at the former Skelleftea Drive Center in northern Sweden, under the supervision of the International Motor Federation, FIA. The vehicle has overcome the required distance in both directions. Then the average time and speed from both passes was calculated. The average speed of both passes is considered the official FIA speed record.

Achieving an average speed of 169 km / h and a time of 21.29 seconds, “The Iron Knight” beat the world record speed of 1000 meters from the start of the stop. At the same time broke the record also on the section of 500 m, with 131.29 km / h and 13.71 seconds, respectively.

Boije Ovebrink, a driver with more than 30 years of experience in both passenger and truck racing, has beaten five speed records, and in 1994 became the European champion in FIA racers.

With a power of 2400 HP and a torque of 6000 Nm, with a weight of 4.5 t, the Iron Knight delivers power to weight ratio greater than 0.5 HP / kg.

– Centrally mounted, highly modified D13 engine, equipped with a liquid air-cooled supercharger and four turbochargers.

– When changing gear ratios, I-Shift Dual Clutch gear does not interrupt torque transfer. The “Iron Knight” uses the same gearbox as the Volvo FH. Only clutch (clutch and clutch discs made of sintered material) were strengthened.